Alright so this blog is about me transforming my life from being an incel, neckbeard, nice guy, under-achieving, socially retarded, broke, depressed, obese, porn addicted, introvert to not so many of those things.

So who cares… well if the stats page on this WordPress blog is accurate the answer is absolutely no one, but putting it out there adds accountability (if only slightly) and if I’m successful then maybe in the future this blog will help someone out.

I’ve never ran a blog or done anything like this ever before.

(Jan-19-2017 7:06 pm)




258 lbs

(Feb-04-2017 8:29 pm)

In my 20’s I used to dream of learning pick up artist techniques and hooking up with an endless amount of milfs. now a days in my 30’s I dream about learning how to grill meat perfectly and living alone on a farm.

245 lbs