So this blog is turning into something that I feared, another incel on the internet ranting about how hard life is.

The original goal of this blog was to document me reducing the amount of stereotypical incel neckbeard check boxes that I fall into. Hopefully increasing my happiness, and leaving it here as an example for anyone who found themselves in my position and needed some sort of guidance.

What I didn’t expect was a depression sneak attack, I’ve always had depression but it’s been very tame. This time around it’s different because lately I’ve been feeling like putting a helium filled bag over my head is a great idea.

not gonna lie my experience with #2 from my first blog months ago is contributing to this.

anyway my new plan is to focus on just 3 goals and that’s it: stop being a fat fatty, get my college degree, leave my blue collar industrial warehousing job for something that doesn’t destroy my body.



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