Quick Progress Update

Weight loss has stalled but I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made so far that I don’t mind. I’m currently at 244 lbs.

I managed to get a guided meditation session in, I enjoyed it I plan to make it a regular thing.

I also managed to do some yoga/stretching, and some software development tutorials.

Last week wasn’t a complete failure there are definite huge improvements that I could make with my consistency.

I’m Still trying to shake off the depressive episode I went though almost two weeks ago, it’s eased up a lot but sometimes it hits hard.

Again it helps that I’ve made so much progress with my weight loss, I originally started at 320 lbs. Looking in the mirror isn’t an absolute shit show anymore, It’s not great either but I’m happy.

I think I would really benefit from writing down the personal traits I would like to have. This would probably be strange for a normal person to do, they just develop their personalities naturally. But there’s nothing natural about my growth and development. Rather than wait until I’m tested in the real world at an old age I think it would be good to have a frame of reference already in place, I don’t know if that makes sense.

I think it would also help me with my depression.


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