Women Don’t Make Good Platonic Friends

Boy DOESN'T Meet Girl

Well, not for habitually single men, anyway.

What we’re talking about here is not really the “friendzone”, because that’s a realm where you want to be in a relationship with a particular woman, but can’t make it past being mere platonic friends, and probably getting taken advantage of all the while. That itself is a pretty nasty predicament, but even being in a friendship where you genuinely have no desire to see it become more than that carries its own risks.

Habitually single, never-in-relationship “incel” men often make the mistake of thinking that it’s at least “safe” to be friends-only with a woman, sort of like the non-swimmer staying in the shallow end of the pool. Truth be known, it may even be more dangerous than being in a relationship with the woman, because in a relationship, at least there is a sort of respect that comes from the original…

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