Progress update.

My weight loss continues I’m down to 245 lbs.

Areas that have stalled for me are my progress towards becoming a software developer, learning how to dance and draw, I have not done any yoga and have done limited work stretching and improving my squat depth. For some reason I have not began meditating, which should only take 15 mins out of my day. My weight lifting which should be daily has stalled since Wednesday.

Anyway those are the goals I’m working towards.

Recent embarrassments and disappointments have me wanting to de-clutter my living space. I have a very strong urge to get rid of everything that’s not necessary. This may also be my resistance to putting in work towards my goals showing up, it might just be procrastination in disguise.

I’m currently reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.

Hopefully the next update will be more positive.


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